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2187 Member Appreciation Event 2022

Thank you for standing together with the Union movement. We appreciate each and every one of our members. Please fill out this quick online form to be entered into the AFSCME 2187 Member Appreciation Event 2022. 250 people will be randomly selected to win gifts. Good luck and happy holidays!   #unionstrong

A video from AFSCME 2187 President David Wilson. Please watch.
Read update text here:


WInter Break Internship 2022-23

Local 2187 members do you have a college student looking for an internship this Winter break?

Send an e-mail below with their information:

  • Name
  • College attending
  • Grade (Year)
  • Major
  • Interest in working for the City of Philadelphia

Please submit this info by: Nov. 25, 2022

A video from AFSCME 2187 President David Wilson. Please watch.
Read update text here:


General Election 11/8 Endorsements

AFSCME endorsements for working families!

Candidates suggested by DC47 PEOPLE Committee & voted on by our Delegates.

PMA Strike: WE DID IT!

PMA Union members ended their strike & ratified their first Union contract on 10/16 by 99% at Philadelphia Museum of Art.

AFSCME Legislative Update: Oct. 2022

Please see the latest Legislative Update from AFSCME International.

Labor Notes: Oct. 21, 2022

Please see the latest edition of Labor Notes newsletter.

PMA_Union: We're Striking!

On Friday, September 16, members of AFSCME DC47, Local 397, PMA Union will engage in a one-day Unfair Labor Practice strike.


Stand with Ukraine ❤️

Stand with the families of the Ukraine.


Voluntary Benefits Enrollment 7/25/22 - 8/5/22

Sign up for great voluntary medical benefits that we make available to our DC47 HWF Participants from UNUM!

Video: PMA Rally 7/13/22

WATCH: AFSCME members showed up in a sea of green at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Phila. Museum of Art Union: 7/13/22 Rally

Phila. Museum of Art workers are 23 months without a contract! THIS. IS. NOT. OKAY. Rally & stand with the workers!

CDC: COVID Update 7/11/22

See the latest update on COVID-19 from the Centers for Disease Control.

PMA Rally: 6/14 Recap

WHAT A GREAT DAY! Check out our rally recap & livestream recording. <3

FREE COVID Tests: 3rd Round

The Federal government has approved a 3rd round of FREE COVID tests. Order tests for your family today!

AFL-CIO Survey: 2022

Take a moment to tell the AFL-CIO what matters to you in a quick online survey.

NEW Wellness Program 2022

Check out AFSCME DC47 Health & Welfare Fund's latest Wellness program in 2022.

See more information using our interactive guide.

RECAP: Standing w/ PMA Workers 4/1!

Hundreds of workers & community members rallied and marched in support of workers at Philadelphia Museum of Art.

AFSCME DC47 Member Spotlight

It's time to show off your hard #Union work out on the frontlines! It is the members that make our #Union strong and we are proud of the work that our #Union family does every single day. Submit an AFSCME DC47 Member Spotlight candidate today!


Stronger unions mean higher wages, safer working conditions and dignity for all people who work. Passing the PRO Act will be our first step to getting there. Use this form to tell your U.S. senators: Vote “yes” on the PRO Act.

Stand With PMA Workers 4/1!

Stand with our #union family at Philadelphia Museum of Art family on April 1st.


CBTU: Scholarship Workshops 2022

Get help navigating the college scholarship landscape to maximize money for higher education.

PA AFL-CIO: 2022 Scholarship Contest

See how you and your family can win money for college!

Art Workers Across Country Unionize

Listen to this great NPR radio segment about: Arts workers across the country unionizing!

PPA Contract: Settlement Agreement 2021-2025

See the Local 2187 contract with the Philadelphia Parking Authority 2021 - 2025.

City Contract: Memorandum of Agreement 2021-2024

See the Local 2186 & 2187 contract with the City of Philadelphia 2021 - 2024.

Last Week Tonight: Union Busting

John Oliver on @lastweektonight discusses the mechanics of union busting.


Support Voter Registration & Education

The Phila. School District can play an important role in promoting democracy by establishing a policy for voter education and non-partisan registration within high schools.

NY Times: Workers Have Upper Hand

“It’s like the whole country is in some kind of union renegotiation…right now it seems like workers have the upper hand."

PMA: Workers Deserve A Contract!

Send management a letter today! Workers at the Philadelphia Museum of Art deserve dignity & respect with a Union contract.

Report: Cultural Institutions SOLD OUT Workers

See this report and analysis from Cultural Workers United.

COVID-19: Why Is Delta So Dangerous?

Find out why the COVID-19 Delta variant is so dangerous to the public.

Unions Power America Contest

Union Plus is thanking union workers for getting America back on its feet. See how you could win up to $15,000.

Fair Districts PA: Website

See the latest redistricting news and updates from Fair Districts PA.

Pass The Family Care Act

See details on how you can help get paid family leave benefits for all working people.

Philly Public Services Rally 6/12: Photos

See pictures of us spreading love in Love Park on June 12, 2021 for Philly public services & its workers!

AFSCME DC47: Vaccines & Summer Safety Tips

Watch this union video for important vaccine information & Summer safety tips.

AFSCME: The Union Difference

See the ways that life is better with a #union!

PETITION: Costco Stop Selling My Pillow

With Michael Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow, showing up at the White House in January with written notes to give to Donald Trump that were instructions to overturn the election by way of martial law. I no longer think a great company like Costco should allow MyPillow...

Why PA House Bill 38 is BAD

Pennsylvania's judicial district bill would pioneer new lows in partisan gerrymandering. See why you should say "NO" to judicial gerrymandering!

CBS News: Unions Are Cool Again

“an example of younger employees' interest in improved working conditions, & the increasing fortunes of labor collectives, despite corporations' anti-union tactics.”

Petition: Stop Judicial Redistricting

Sign this petition to keep politics out of our judicial system in Pennsylvania!

Support workers at Phila. Museum of Art

Please sign this petition to support new AFSCME union family at The Philadelphia Museum of Art and cultural workers across the United States!

Philly Magazine: Philadelphia's New Generation of Unions

Check out this great piece on the future of progressive unions in Philadelphia.

Congress: Fund the front lines!

Font-line public service workers put their lives on the line to save us. Don't let Congress thank them with a pink slip. Pass state & local aid NOW! #FundtheFontLines

US Senator B. Casey: Coronavirus Resources

There continues to be a lot of concern about the spread of the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, in Pennsylvania and across the country. I'm reaching out to share some resources to help you, your family and your community navigate the challenges of these extraordinary times...

Health Advocate: COVID-19 Grief & Loss of a Loved One During Social Distancing

Traditionally, when a loved one passes, we pay tribute to their memory, share our grief, and mourn our loss by gathering at a funeral, Shiva, wake, memorial or through in-person visits. However, with the social restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic...

AFSCME Member Discounts: Start saving today!

Check out exclusive union member discounts at local stores, restaurants, and more near you.

AFSCME: Report Anti-Union Attacks!

Billionaires and corporate special interest groups are spending millions of dollars to launch attacks on your freedom to stand with your union.

If anyone has tried to convince you to drop your union, we want to know about it. Fill out the online form to tell us about any contact you've had from anti-union groups.

EPI: Black Women will be most affected by Janus women in particular could be hurt by [Janus], as they are disproportionately represented in public sector jobs. They make up 17.7 percent of public-sector workers, or about 1.5 million workers.

Study: Economic Policy Institute- Unions Help Working People

Americans have always joined together—whether in parent teacher associations or local community organizations—to solve problems and make changes that improve their lives and their communities. Through unions, people join together to strive for improvements at the place where they spend a large portion of their waking hours: work...

EPI: Who are today's union memembers?

As Labor Day approaches, we honor the labor leaders and working people throughout history who have fought for labor protections and a voice on the job. In 2017, unions continue...

NYT: Why Millennials Should Lead the Next Labor Movement

Check out this piece in the New York Times from Daily Show writer Kashana Cauley.