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SAVE THE DATE: Phila. AFL-CIO Labor Day Parade & Family Celebration 9/2

Details for 2187 members to receive bracelets for food, live music, and activities to be announced soon.

AFSCME Legislative Update: 8/2

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Health Advocate- Newsletter: August 2019

-Losing steam at work? How to stay productive

-Keep up on preventive care

-Preparing kids emotionally for school

Unum Voluntary Benefits Open Enrollment: July 29 - August 9

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Guardian Nurses- The Flame: July 2019 Newsletter

-Heat related illnesses

-Photos from our open house

AFSCME DC47 Legal Services: 2019 Spring/Summer Seminars

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UNION UPDATE 5/17: OnePhilly

Please watch the message below from Local President Bob Coyle about OnePhilly updates.

Video Text: Good afternoon Brothers and Sisters,

Today is Friday, May 17th, and I would like to provide another update on OnePhiladelphia (OnePhilly). On May 6th, I mailed all of you a letter that gave the status update of that time. In that letter was a list of promises, from the City, on actions steps that they would take to help resolve the OnePhilly problems. Some of those steps have been taken, some haven’t, but the fact is a lot of those problems have yet to be resolved. Yesterday afternoon, myself, Vice President April Gigetts, the leadership of Local 2186, our attorneys: Deb Willig and Ralph Teti, met with the City of Philadelphia to discuss these ongoing problems. Present For the City of Philadelphia: Deputy Mayor of Labor Relations, the Managing Director, the Mayor’s Chief of Staff, the Director of Finance, the Law Department, and respective staff from those Departments to discuss issues. There was extensive conversation and some agreements were reached. In order for me not to leave any important information out, if you would excuse me, I would like to read this summary to you. For nearly two hours we talked about the many issues including the payroll information entry issues, overtime payments, the help desk (or really the lack of one), late fees and bank fees, improper deductions, overpayments, and supervisors asked to enter payroll information. As a result of this and prior meetings—along with the threat of litigation—we are making progress.  The City has promised to take the 5 following steps:1. Add far more staff to the Help Desk to address all payroll issues.2. Provide training for Payroll employees and Union leadership on time entry and also on the issue of how to read your new paystub.3. Move the deadline for time entries to Sunday night (and ultimately Monday) so that OT can be paid in a timely fashion.4. Provide members information on how to read your new pay stuff.5. Deduct overpayments over some period of time and NOT in one paycheck (this is for those that have been overpaid a significant amount of money). We have also set up weekly meetings to discuss progress on all of these issues and any new issues that arise. I promise that the entire Executive Board of Local 2187 is working tirelessly to resolve these problems. I really appreciate your patience. I know that a lot of you are frustrated; I’m frustrated. However, we are doing the best that we can and we will continue to work however long we need to, to resolve these issues. If you—or anyone you know—has any existing problems with their pay, regardless of what that problem is, it is important that you send that information to me. We will send these issues to our attorneys, so that they can address them with the City. My e-mail is BCOYLE@DC47.ORG. Thank you again for your continued support. –Bob Coyle, Local 2187 President


Primary Election Issue: Ethelind Baylor

Please see this information regarding AFSCME 2187 member and City Council at Large Candidate, Ethelind Baylor.

OnePhilly Update: May 6

See the the latest AFSCME 2187 update on the OnePhilly payroll system.

PhillyLabor News: 4/10

See the latest Philly union news updates from

OnePhilly: Employee Manual 2019

See this manual for more information on the new OnePhilly payroll system.

Phila. AFL-CIO: The Public Interest- March 2019

Check out these updates from the Philadelphia AFL-CIO. This issue features an article that recognizes the accomplishments of Local 2187 member Patricia Coyne!

AFSCME Judicial Panel Decision 1/8: Local 2187 Election Protest

Click below to read AFSCME International's decision regarding the 2187 Election Protest 2018.

Washington Post: Politicians caused pay collaspe for bottom 90% of workers

12/17: "...policy decisions — including efforts to weaken UNIONS, the decay of the minimum wage, and monetary policy that prioritizes low inflation over full employment — are responsible for tilting the balance of power away from workers..."

AFSCME: Report Anti-Union Attacks!

Billionaires and corporate special interest groups are spending millions of dollars to launch attacks on your freedom to stand with your union.

If anyone has tried to convince you to drop your union, we want to know about it. Fill out the online form to tell us about any contact you've had from anti-union groups.

AFSCME 2187 Election Committee Report: 11/5/18

Please see the Local 2187 Election Committee Report on the Delegate election results from the latest union election.

AFSCME 2187 Leadership Sworn In: Oct. 2018

Welcome to the new members of our Local union leadership team! Check out the pictures of AFSCME 2187 members swearing in newly elected Local Officers, Delegates, & Trustees.

SIGN AFL-CIO's Petition: Raise PA Minimum Wage

"Pennsylvania is surrounded by states that ALL have raised their minimum wage in recent years, while our Commonwealth has not seen a raise in more than a decade. Pennsylvania’s minimum wage remains at $7.25 an hour."

Sign the AFL-CIO petition to help change this in PA TODAY!

Phila. AFL-CIO: Labor Day Parade & Family Celebration 9/3

Come celebrate labor with the Philadelphia Council of the AFL-CIO at the annual Philly Labor Day Parade and Festival with friends & family!


Ticket information for AFSCME 2187 members:

Meet in the parking lot outside of the Masquerade shop on 9/3 at 1100 S. Columbus Blvd. at 9AM.

2187 Secretary-Treasurer Dave Mora will be distributing t-shirts and event wristbands. Members are eligible to receive up to four (4) wristbands to the Labor Day Family Festival.

The Record: Summer 2018 Newsletter

See the latest union news from AFSCME 2187!

8/15 Rally to save the children

2187 President Bob Coyle & 2187 Staff Rep. Cathy Scott attend a rally to push the Trump administration to return immigrant children to their families.

Labor United To Free The Children Rally: 8/15

Bring your friends and family to fight to free detained children and reunite them with their families.

AFL-CIO: News Bulletin July 2018

See the latest news from the Philadelphia Council of the AFL-CIO.

City Contract: Summary of Memorandum of agreement 2017-2020

See an easy to read summary of the new Contract agreement here.

City Contract; Memorandum of agreement 2017-2020

View a full copy of the contract agreement that was ratified by the 2187 membership on June 20, 2018.

City Contract: Pension Changes 2017-2020

2187 members can view this chart to see how their base salaries and pension contributions will change with the Memorandum Of Agreement 2017-2020.

AFL-CIO: Executive Paywatch 2017

In 2017, CEOs of S&P 500 Index companies received, on average, $13.93 million in total compensation, according to the AFL-CIO's analysis of available data. America's production and nonsupervisory workers earned only $38,613, on average, in 2017-- a CEO-to-worker pay ration of 361 to 1.

Health Advocate: Feeling Down? Get help

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AFL-CIO: Demand Equal pay for equal work!

Sign the petition below.

"The Wage Gap that still exists in our country costs women workers millions of dollars throughout her lifetime. The labor movement exists as one of the largest grassroots movements for women's rights in history..."

Map to the middle class: Can educating kids about unions prepare them for the future of work?

Labor history is often missing from textbooks, but some schools are finding creative ways to teach economic justice.

EPI: Black Women will be most affected by Janus

" women in particular could be hurt by [Janus], as they are disproportionately represented in public sector jobs. They make up 17.7 percent of public-sector workers, or about 1.5 million workers."

SAG-AFTRA Strike: Workers Hold Mock Bake Sale

The ad agency BBH has been signed to the SAG-AFTRA Commercials Contracts for almost 20 years. They now claim the union agreement doesn’t apply to them.

Study: Economic Policy Institute- Unions Help Working People

Americans have always joined together—whether in parent teacher associations or local community organizations—to solve problems and make changes that improve their lives and their communities. Through unions, people join together to strive for improvements at the place where they spend a large portion of their waking hours: work...

Health Advocate: Traumatic Event Help

The shooting tragedy in Las Vegas, Nevada has deeply impacted the local community and the nation. We wanted to remind you that Health Advocate experts are here to help members.

EPI: Who are today's union memembers?

As Labor Day approaches, we honor the labor leaders and working people throughout history who have fought for labor protections and a voice on the job. In 2017, unions continue...

AFSCME Free College Benefit

It’s AFSCME’s mission to give you every advantage to get ahead. That’s why we’ve partnered with Eastern Gateway Community College. Through the AFSCME Free College benefit, you and your family members can now earn an associate degree completely online–for FREE.

NYT: Why Millennials Should Lead the Next Labor Movement

Check out this piece in the New York Times from Daily Show writer Kashana Cauley.